postheadericon Punters Turn Away From England In Series Against India

Prior to the test match series between England and India it looked to be a pretty even contest. However, now things are starting to look a little worrying for the English team. Prior to this series starting it’s fair to say that many punters had considered England the slight favourites because the series is being played in England. However, now punters are starting to re-think their position on who should be the worthy favourites.

The worthy favourites are now starting to look like India. India has long been a side that has tended to struggle when they play away from home especially on pitches that are extremely different to the slow pitches they play on back in India. Not only that but the recent retirement of their batting talisman Sachin Tendulkar has left a gigantic hole in their batting middle order. He is the kind of player that you simply cannot replace.

In saying all that they have beaten England in the second test match at Lord’s and now claim a 1-0 series lead. In fact, the English team appear dishevelled as their batting lineup was accounted for quite easily, particularly by Indian paceman Ishant Sharma. They also seem to have a big problem with their captain Alastair Cook who is looking like his position as captain and opener is becoming more under threat with each failure he endures.

With the current state of the English team it would be wise to re-consider who you are going to put your money on to win this series.

postheadericon Brazil – Germany and the Netherlands – Argentina semifinals matches

Brazil vs. Germany, the Netherlands vs. Argentina are the semi-finals of the World Cup 2014 for the satisfaction on many fans of bets on football. Many sports predictions were made during the quarterfinals but it is the most experienced teams which were qualified at the expense of France, Colombia, Costa Rica and Belgium. Brazil will face Germany in the Estádio Mineirão of Belo Horizonte on July 8 while the Netherlands find Argentina at Arena Corinthians of Sao Paulo the next day. Brazil, Germany and Argentina have won the cup at least once in the past while the Netherlands will try to make a cross on his three missed finals (1974, 1978 and 2010) and will try to win the title.

Brazil is the most successful of these semi-finalists with five trophies (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002) against three for German (1954, 1974 and 1990), two for Argentina (1978 and 1986). The match Brazil-Germany is the second in history after the defeat of the Nationalmannschaft in 2002 (2-0) against the Selecao as the two teams have respectively participated 20 and 18 times in the World Cup. The match Argentina-Netherlands is a classic for fans of football and sports betting. The two teams have faced each other three times in the finals with the quarter-finals of the 1998 World Cup which was won by the Orange (2-1). Don’t miss to compare the best offers on online betting guide!

postheadericon Last poker advices before going out there

Finally, you made it to the poker table. After hours and hours of training, trying to understand how to get this combination you finally made it. Here you are with some real players. The computer is not your only gaming friend anymore.  Slowly slowly, before getting there I need to give you some last advices. Don’t throw yourself into the game to fast. Keep your head and strategy together. Poker is like a psychological war, the strategy is to understand the opponents around you. This would be the key aspect of your success. Poker is not only about the cards or the game you would have in hands it is also about spotting out the character of your opponents while you protecting yourself from them. You need give them the least information about you. What then you will need to do to control yourself for the best result entering the poker game?

Couple manners to reviews before starting

The secret in poker is to reveal the least of your personality. Less your personality is spot by your opponents more they will doubt of your game and won’t be able to spot if you bluffing or have a really shitty game. if you are new to poker, don’t show it. Be self confident. Your self confidence will be the key to impress your opponent and enable your bluff to work. In any case learn how to keep your calm and stay focus and respect other people concentration. To avoid: alcohol, mobile phone during poker games. All these can distract you away from your concentration.

Be careful, pay real attention to all you’re doing. Some payers are really talented. All your movements, expression can betray you as they can reveal your emotions. Think twice before to make move and breath (I’m exaggerating a bit but we not far from reality) some players calculate all they moves and call. Stay as cool as possible. Your name should become ice man; no emotions must be spot on your face. On really big table “No Limit” a player can rapidly see himself rising for no reason. So the best thing to do before putting your ass in big trouble, you better putt some limit to yourself before going there. Fixing a limit amount of money to spend is the best way for you to fix your limits and quit when those are reached. Knowing your limits or knowing when to back down is not a weakness. Some things don’t work as we hoped. Keep in mind that poker is a game and like in all the game there might be a matter of luck and some days luck is for others. Poker must stay a moment of pleasure.

Pull you cards out my friends

postheadericon Play and have fun in online gambling with an excellent site

A website that is an accurate image of land based casino does not grow on trees. There are only a few platforms that is always busy, only the best online casino have this privilege, online casino that belong to a well known group. A real phenomenon that surprise no one given the efforts of this kind of website for years. Those who love cloister home while wanting to play, to enjoy the conditions of a land based casino, they have only to register in a website and online casino that has a good reputation. Of course, everything has been designed so that users are not bewildered face to such a mountain of offers not to mention the information contained therein. Wanting to be very close to fans of casino games, news and information are routinely refreshed. It is a proof of professionalism and a respect vis-à-vis persons who are keen of casino games.

postheadericon Play while controlling your behavior!

Online games have already made billions of winners in the world. There is a wide choice of attractive casino games on the World Wide Web, simply choose which game you are most gifted. However, you can also play all of them on the unique condition that you stay a responsible player. The game must remain a hobby and nothing more. We should never use casino game to earn a living, because casino games are based on luck and it changes, according to your qualities and your tricks. To avoid becoming an unconscious player, you have just to limit in advance the budget to devote to the game and find a site that is committed to responsible gaming. You will also fix the idea that the game must be your friend for entertainment, after the hard day’s work you have endured at the office.

postheadericon Variants of Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular game, but a lot of people don’t know that there are several variations of the game. If you’re in a live casino or at an online casino it is important to be familiar with the variant you are playing because the rules differ slightly among the games.

Classic Blackjack
Players are given two cards each and if you want you can take more cards to get as close to 21 as possible without getting over it. You win by beating the dealer’s hand, you don’t play against the other players. If the dealer’s hand is less than 17 he must draw a card, otherwise he must stay.

European Blackjack
This game is played with two decks. You can double if you have a pair of 9’s, 10’s or Aces. You may not double after a split, and you may only split once. The player is not allowed to give up. If the dealer got a soft 17 he must draw card.

postheadericon Popularity of table games on the rise

The popularity of casino table games seems to be on the rise, at least in the Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh, which recently reported an increased interest in games likes live roulette or blackjack and is adding 19 extra table games to is gambling lobby. The demand is both after the quantity and the variety of the games and the casino is planning to add games derived from poker, change tournament tables to live poker tables and also bring in more classic blackjack tables. All of these games are very popular also due to the number of playing strategies that have been developed during the times and still arouse curiosity in many people who like to play and take a bit of risk.

postheadericon EPT final kicked off in Prague

Hilton Hotel in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is hosting the final European Poker Tour main event of 2010. 193 players arrived to take part in the game on day 1, buying into the no-limit hold’em game for €5,300. 85 of them will come again on Wednesday to try their luck and skill in day 2. Last year’s attendance was much bigger, seeing 584 players at the tables. Last year winner, the Czech player Jan Skampa, has been eliminated on day 1 already and will have to wait until next year to prove himself again. Leading the chip stacks are Elias Brussianos from the US, Nicolas Babel from France and Ruslan Prydryk from Ukraine.

postheadericon Poker marketing through social network

Facebook has become one of the central applications of the operators of online casinos to attract new players, keep the attention of the customers already registered and be able to launch campaigns, real digital marketing, through a social network such as facebook.

As soon as the law on gambling was accepted in England, the marketing team of online poker rooms have rushed to open blog and Facebook pages to optimize their communication, offering exclusive promotions, track the results of poker tournaments, watch videos of huge event and also a lot more promotion which allow every member to assist of a big marketing promotion through a website such as Facebook or twitter.

Pokerstars, number one on the English market was launched in early September its “Facebook League” which ended at the end of September. Over 2853 fans have participated to the event launched on facebook and the winner won a ticket to the Event 1 FCOOP and the second and the third winners won a ticket to the Event 9 of the FCOOP.

Everest Poker this summer opened a photo contest called “Poker Face” and each week the winner selected could see their picture on the Everest Poker Network and Facebook pages of the site. The site also offers free poker rolls reserved his fans to win tickets for the match between two big English team such as Liverpool or Chelsea. Of course, the event was sponsored by the online poker website.

Eurosport Poker, at the end of September said that their promotion “poker home” would be extended by lottery on Facebook. The idea is brilliant: a poker table (worth 7000 Euros with tables, equipment, tournament director, gifts, etc…) is offered by Eurosport to the lucky winner. Eurosport organizes an evening at your home and you can share the event with six friends of your choice, friends who fail to register a Eurosport Poker and will become a fan on Facebook just to thank the poker room.

Regarding Party Poker and bwin? Also, the poker rooms offer free rolls reserved to their fans, but the number of fans has to reach a certain number of fans. Bwin, for example, starts its free poker tournament when their record 3,000 fans and will launch another free tournament every thousand additional fans. This is great way to motivate your friend to add the application on your facebook and get another free tournament.

Social network is the new marketing for the next generation but the thing is that people need to be able to see it first before getting the buzz that they need. It’s harder to get the attention of customers through facebook that TV or Internet but it is still a good way to pollute our visual field with ad of something. Be ready to receive more and more invitation from brand and other stuff because that it is just the beginning and the risk is that it can because more aggressive.

postheadericon Playing Online Poker – Are You Feeling Lucky Today?

If you are an online poker player, do you ever ask yourself that question – am I feeling lucky today? Poker is proclaiming itself to be a game of skill more and more and there is an important movement which is heading in this direction. The game is of a statistical nature, so I guess it is pretty reasonable to suppose that certain people or players would get scientific about it.

Books have been written about the mathematics of poker as much as they have about the psychology of this game. There is a lot of information also available about theory, and there are many approaches to playing poker from a practical point of view. Most of the research carried out on these approaches is statistical data which has been analyzed on the basis of the outcomes of certain poker games.

With online poker it may not be so simple to collect the required information, although each online poker players’ account does allow them access to a certain amount of statistical data. However not many players keep accurate records, or are perhaps not willing to share this material with researchers. Some of the statistical information available tells us that only 12% of hands are won with a killer hand and that only 75% of poker hands go to showdown. It is based on results such as this that the claim of luck versus skill is based. In other words, this information provides a benchmark which tells researchers that chance plays a very small role in a typical poker hand and that skill is the overriding element. But then again, much research is actually outcomes based.

As this conclusion is drawn, we do have to bear in mind that the reason for this research is to prove to the powers that be that poker is a game of skill; we do know that online poker playing advocates want the game reclassified. This is because of UIGEA in the US and the fact that US facing players want to be able to play poker online legally. Take the element of chance or luck out of this equation and this just might get poker reclassified, which would mean it is no longer gambling, in which case it would be perfectly legal to play online, even if money does exchange hands.

Even though the statistics provided may not make things obvious to one and all, and any hypotheses must be tested. Most good poker players get to a stage in their game where they cross the line from playing and relying on good luck – to the inevitable switch; over to skill. Good poker players have to play with skill or they would not be good at what they do. The number of poker hands which needs to be played before this switch takes place is considerable and different for everyone. If you look at it from this point of view, it doesn’t require that much statistical analysis to tell us that a certain poker player is using good, strong poker strategy and skill in order to win. It is a bit of a catch 22 situation and there is room for error but, we shall just have to wait and see what is in store for this game.